Unsubscribe a Person's Contact

Unsubscribe a user's contact attributed to a specific message

Required HeadersValue

Use Case

Although ZMP supports an inbuilt subscription mechanism, there is often a need to manage subscription preferences outside of ZMP and within customer's own and centralised preference centers. In such cases, the end user receiving a campaign message, may need to leave ZMP domain in order to manage their subscription preferences.
This api can help customers attribute any unsubscriptions resulting from this, and connect it back to ZMP to ensure the integrity of their campaign metric.

All messages resulting from a campaign and received by an end user has a unique message identifier. This identifier can be embedded in campaign's content using a {{message_uid}} merge field (typically as a query parameter to the customer's preference center link within the campaign). At the receiving end (customer's preference center) the message_uid can be extracted and used with this api to connect any unsubscriptions back to ZMP.

In cases where a user has multiple contacts and connected with the customer across multiple channels( email, sms, mobile push...), this will ensure that only the contact which corresponds to the specific message_uid is unsubscribed, leaving rest of the user's contacts across different channels unaffected.

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