Getting Started with Zeta APIs

This page will help you get started with Zeta APIs. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!


ZMP provides a RESTful API with endpoints for interacting with people, resources, events, and recommendations.

The API can be accessed using the standard HTTP request methods GET, POST, and PUT. There are several endpoints that can be used to manage events, resources, and users.

ZMP API Authorization

Authorization for ZMP APIs are is granted via JSON Web Token (JWT) JSON Web Token. To access these routes, supply a bearer token to the route as part of an Authorization header. You can generate a JSON Web Token by requesting one using our Authorization API.


To request access to the Zeta DSP API visit the Zeta Programmatic Service Desk.

Missing something? Check this supplemental Zeta DSP API Article for more information on Zeta DSP API.

Need Help?

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