Identifies the current user with their user_id or email.


Deprecated API Warning

This page documents a no-longer supported version of the Boomtrain JavaScript Library (versions 4.x and below). The new p13n.js library, documented here is the currently supported library for integrating with ZetaHub.

If your website uses authentication or another form of client-side identification and you therefore know who is browsing, call identify with this user's unique identifier on login or upon start of the identified session. When called, analyticstrain library will store this identity in the user's browser to ensure that any subsequent behavior is tracked using that identity.

In addition, we will merge any anonymous browsing history from this browser into the identified user profile.

If a different identified user was browsing at the time this function is called, the new identity passed into this function will supersede the previous identity, and the newly logged-in user's identity will be used for subsequent behavioral tracking in this browser.

_bt.identify(identifier, [callback]);

The identify call has the following fields:

identifierObjectAn identifier for this new user, either a user_id or an email address. This value must be a case-insensitive unique identifier for your user. See Identifier Format below for details.
callback optionalFunctionA function that is executed after this function completes and the browser is now identified according to the identifier.

Note that if at any time the user logs out, the Clear function should be called to ensure that the browser is no longer associated with this identified user.

Identifier Format

The identify function allows you to identify a user with either a unique user ID or an email address. These must be specified exactly as either a user_id or an email property of the object, and only one of these two may be specified. When an email is specified, this email will be added to the contacts field for this user in the Boomtrain Marketing Engine.

	{'email':'[email protected]'}