Getting Started


Deprecated API Warning

This page documents a no-longer supported version of the Boomtrain JavaScript Library (versions 4.x and below). The new p13n.js library, documented here is the currently supported library for integrating with ZetaHub.


analyticstrain.js is the simplest way to integrate your website with Boomtrain. This JavaScript library bundles functions to manage user identification and attribute management, behavioral tracking, on-site personalized recommendation campaigns, and more.

Adding Analyticstrain to your site

The first step of integration is putting the Boomtrain JavaScript library on each page of your site's code (we recommend the <head> section).

Our CDN supports the HTTPS protocol.

<script async src="<site_id>/analyticstrain.min.js"></script>

Auto-tracked Events

By default, analyticstrain.js uses autoTrack, which automatically tracks each page load with a viewed event without the need to call Track manually. Please reach out to the Boomtrain team if you need autoTrack to be disabled.