Create or Update a Person

Updates a person record for the specified person. If no record of the specified person exists, this route creates a person record.

User Attributes

Attributes are represented in Boomtrain's systems as a set of key:value pairs. Any string can be used as an attribute value.

Note that all user attribute keys will be normalized in the following way:

  1. Leading and trailing whitespace characters will be removed.
  2. Any instances of multiple consecutive whitespace characters will be replaced with a single whitespace character.
  3. Uppercase letters are downcased
  4. Whitespaces are replaced with underscore characters.

This normalization will occur for all keys inside a nested value within that attribute as well.

As an example, the attribute expressed as "My Attribute" will be transformed to my_attribute.

There are a few attribute names that are recognized as standard values:

Attribute NamePurpose
first_name OR firstnameThe first name of the user.
last_name OR lastnameThe last name of the user.
nameThe full name of the user.
signed_up_atThe date that a user signed up for your site. Note that this attribute should be specified as an ISO-8601 Timestamp String.
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